Video 16 Jun
Video 10 May

JohnnyExpress from AlfredImageworks on Vimeo.

It’s 2150

There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space.
Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages.
Johnny is lazy and his only desire is to sleep in his autopilot spaceship.
when the spaceship arrives at the destination, all he has to do is simply deliver the box.
However, it never goes as planned. Johnny encounters strange and bizarre planets
and always seems to cause trouble on his delivery route.

Will he be able to finish his mission without trouble?

Video 29 Mar

Fluid Dress from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.

This is a video of the fluid dress I made. It’s 600 ft. of knitted tubing powered by a pump located in the backpack.

Ratatat - “Cherry” (excerpt)

On tour in the US:

Video 24 Mar

Booka Shade - Crossing Borders from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Directed by Ryan Staake

The Making Of:

Director of Photography: TS Pfeffer
Production Companies: Pier Pictures & Riff Raff
Producers: Robert McHugh & TS Pfeffer
UK Producer: Sarah-Jane Boardman
Director’s Rep: Joceline Gabriel
Commissioner: John Moule
Associate Producer: Shane Latham
Aerials: Octofilms
Pilot: Shane Latham
Aerial Technician: David Ham
Camera Rig: 360 Heros
Macro Footage: Andrew Ruse
Post Production: Pomp&Clout
VFX: Ryan Staake & Aaron Vinton
Color Grade: Mikey Rossiter at The Mill
Color Producer: Heath Raymond

Shot in California.

Video 8 Feb

Walking City from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

Architecture + Evolution + Movement

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.

Video 8 Feb
Video 5 Feb

Invasion from Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen on Vimeo.

Scifi/horror teaser animation depicting a looming alien invasion - produced with students at a Danish VFX school.

Director: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Client: 3D College Denmark
Year: 2014

Copyright © 2014 3D College Denmark/figment

Video 21 Jan

The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights from Brainstorm Digital on Vimeo.

A look at some of the more challenging shots we put together from Martin Scorsese’s new film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Matthew McConaughey.

Video 16 Jan

MITSUBISHI - BREAKDOWN from Gabriel Gemenez on Vimeo.

Agency: Africa
Made by: Studio Nitro
MY ROLE: Post Production/Breakdown

Video 15 Jan

"Process" from hellopluto on Vimeo.

A short about what’s inside a man’s head while going thru the “process” of ideation and creation. Combining the editorial of a range of elements including RED footage, CG, Mograph, and sound design.

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